Ke "School readiness means that each child enters school ready to engage in and benefit from early learning experiences that best promote the child's success".

School Readiness in Kentucky


 for Kindergarten 

Ready to Grow, Ready to Learn, Ready to Succeed!            

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Welcome to our web site.   We are the Rural KIPDA Community Early Childhood Council.  We serve  Oldham and Bullitt counties of Kentucky.  



The purpose of this website is to provide a place for different community, educational, and health agencies to share information and resources with all parents and early childhood professionals to help all children be ready to start school and be successful. 


The goal of all Community Early Childhood Councils in Kentucky is to build innovative, collaborative partnerships that promote school readiness for partnerships that promote school readiness for children and families.  The Rural KIPDA Community Early Childhood Council will support school readiness by responding to the unique needs of our community.  The activities our council designs will support school readiness in the following domains: 

  • Supporting High Quality Learning Environments
  • Supporting Families
  • Providing Access to Data

 The Rural KIPDA Community Early Childhood Council

has a great team of community , child care, Head Start and preschool representatives who want to work together to improve programs, resources, and environments for young children and their families.  Make sure to look at our "About Us" page to see our council's dedicated members.

 10 "Soft" Skills of a Child who is 

Kindergarten Ready

  1. Is curious and initiates learning experiences; persists in activities and tasks
  2. Is learning to explore and try new things; Asks questions and knows rules
  3. Is learning to work well alone and is learning to cooperate with other children
  4. Can follow simple instructions and uses self control; can help with simple chores
  5. Participates and shows interest in creative activities; Uses a variety of materials
  6. Expresses positive outlook expresses needs and wants verbally
  7. Cooperates and shows concern for others; gives help to others
  8. Engages in symbolic/imaginative play with self or peers (plays house, fireman)
  9. Expresses curiosity and eagerness for learning (tries new activities, asks questions)
  10. Listens to adults and follows simple directions; Shows independence in self-help skills. 
This list was created by the Kentucky Governor's Office of Early Childhood. 
A link to the entire document can be found on our links page.  

Our Mission

Is to enhance the quality of early care and education and support efforts to promote school readiness, from birth, for families and children.